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Services - Disaster Recovery February 19, 2018
Risk/Threat Analysis and Disaster Recovery Planning

Pioneer Technology provides a full range of Disaster Recovery Planning services and Mirror site development. System experience ranges the spectrum from older legacy systems such as DEC, SUN, HP, IBM systems to the latest systems.

Risk/Threat Analysis. Investigate disaster and failure possibilities at corporate locations and branches. Inventory all corporate resources to be included.

Business Impact Analysis. Identify what corporate operations must be recovered, their priority with respect to each other. Determine the time sensitivity and financial impact to the company of each business function.

Recovery Strategy Development. Develop recovery objectives and identify alternative means for meeting these objectives. Focus on key functions first. Identify Required Recovery Activities. Define disaster scenarios and determine required protection activities for records, systems, and all operating capabilities needed for operational, legal, regulatory and other reasons. Develop Disaster Recovery Procedures. Develop plans and procedures for each disaster scenario and coordinate with corporate key personnel.

PlanTesting. Tests range from tabletop simulations to live operational tests.

Plan Maintenance and Development. Establish procedures for maintaining and developing this living document.

Offsite mirror site storage for critical system data and legacy data storage available.

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