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Services - HIPAA Compliance February 19, 2018
Regulatory Compliance Services

Government and commercial regulatory compliance have been issued, it is required that enterprises implement the necessary strategies for compliance.

Pioneer Technology has been active in cyber security since 1995, and can provide a painless solution for the services necessary to ensure compliance with these new regulations from security and system audits, and through our partner, e-MAX, financial controls, policy and protocols will be reviewed

Pioneer Technology can provide direct support for compliance covering Federal, State and industry regulatory compliance mandates

From FISMA, FEDRamp to Fips 140-X and ISO 2700X series of security controls. In addition, support cover NIST, CoBit frameworks along with HIPAA (eHealth) along with full support for PCI-DSS. Pioneer Technology can develop the strategy, policy and the implementation planning to meet your requirements.

Let Pioneer help you take the pain out of compliance!!

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